Growing Businesses Together

We’re a sixth-generation company that creates strategies and provides investment for performance, growth and enhances lives for long-term success, with a commitment to sustainability.

Trading internationally for three centuries, John Good Group is a trusted expert in business evolution, growth and strategy.

We are a group of businesses that support, invest in, nurture and grow companies that are a force for good for their teams, stakeholders, and the environments in which they operate. John Good Group is composed of five divisions that are experts in their respective fields.

We’re curious by nature and dedicated to results

Collaboration and conversation lead to clarity and confidence. Our role is to question, discuss, explore, educate and inspire businesses to unlock their potential and create a sustainable roadmap for social good and ongoing growth.

We’re now into the 6th generation of family shareholders and we’re as keen as ever to leave the business and planet in a better place than the one we inherited

Tim Good – Director and Majority Shareholder

Our Companies


As part of our philosophy, we partner with like-minded teams who are passionate about maximising the positive impact their work has on their sector and society as a whole.


Our work reflects an deep-rooted respect for the planet on every level, from small neighbourhoods and communities to cities, countries and the global environment.


Monitoring and evaluation are at the core of how we operate, which means that every project is assessed on its performance and continually improved to bring top results.


The collaborative approach of our businesses ensures that our stakeholders gain access to a wealth of wide-ranging knowledge and outstanding expertise.

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