John Good Logistics is now Good Logistics!

It’s an exciting day for Good Logistics today as they change their trading name to Good Logistics and unveil a brand-new look! 

These exciting changes won’t affect how you use Good Logistics’ services. You’ll still speak to the same people and use the same systems. Our contact information remains the same, and your existing login details will still work.   

When you visit the Good Logistics website, you’ll be automatically redirected to the new domain name, and any emails you send to us will still reach your intended recipient.   

There are no changes to the registered company (John Good Logistics Ltd) that sits behind the new trading name and all their registered details also remain unchanged. The new name is simply a trading name, not a new company. 

Good Logistics’ new visual identity can already be seen on its website and social media channels. The full rebrand of all assets, including office spaces, will be completed in the coming months. 


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June 14, 2021