Our People

Nurturing careers

Whilst every role at John Good Group offers an excellent salary, working here is about so much more than that. To ensure that all of our people are looked after and have what they need to succeed, we have multiple policies in place that help you to develop your skills and reward your achievements.

Training, mentoring and support

John Good Group offers dedicated and bespoke training, one-to-one mentoring, personalised support, and countless internal opportunities for career progression. As a result, you’ll always have what you need to develop your skills and the chance to apply for a different role within the Group that opens up new windows of potential.

We empower you

Working at John Good Group is very much a team effort, so it’s imperative that we do everything we can to empower our people. From providing an environment where you can thrive, to challenging everyone to become better than they were yesterday, our philosophy is that there’s always room for improvement. This extends beyond the workplace, as we’re passionate about helping you to support charities and micro-communities in a fulfilling way.

Governance is key

John Good Group is dedicated to ensuring that all forms of governance and compliance are designed to protect our company and our people. This includes keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest procedures and policies, maintaining an ambitious continuous development plan, putting in place external partners who measure our actions and report back to us, and finding new ways to lead the way in delivering exceptional governance within our industries.