Our Philosophy

The stronger the roots, the brighter the future

John Good Group aims to have a lasting impact on the communities in which it operates. This includes benefiting employees, clients and networks, and making a measurable difference in the world. Our philosophy is centred on creating and supporting businesses that make a positive difference.

Growing businesses together

We consist of five divisions: Travel, Marine, Warehousing & Logistics, Property, and Renewables. Each division has its own plan for growth, but they all work towards a shared vision for the future. In addition, the Group works with other businesses to provide investment, expertise, and innovative solutions to help them achieve sustainable growth.

The right questions lead to the right results

As a company, we constantly seek ways to invest more in our divisions and help organisations reach their goals. Partnering with the John Good Group allows your business to benefit from versatile expertise and significant support. We value collaboration and communication and strive to assist businesses in planning and strategising effectively. Our goal is to encourage and inspire your business to achieve its full potential and sustain long-term success.

We focus on people, performance and the planet

When selecting partners, we prioritise thorough evaluation to ensure we are aligning with like-minded, passionate teams who value people and the planet in addition to profit. We look for a strong connection and willingness to collaborate and challenge each other, as we believe this leads to successful partnerships and the ability to make a positive impact in the world.

Do you share our values?

We are a dedicated and innovative company that only takes on projects and partnerships that align with our vision. If you share our values and goals, we are ready to discuss how we can work together to achieve success and make a positive impact.