Our Values

What we value

Our values are an integral part of everything that happens here at John Good Group. Each team member lives by these values, as they guide and shape every decision, action and service. This ensures that our work is not only of the highest quality, but also founded on an unwavering ethos of collaboration, integrity and accountability.

Provide a service we are proud of

We’ve built our business on delivering an exceptional service to everyone we work with, whether they’re customers, colleagues, business partners or suppliers. We aim to make every interaction with our business a positive and rewarding experience by providing service excellence and treating people the way we’d like to be treated ourselves.

Support each other and work together

We encourage teamwork, as it makes us all better at what we do and creates a positive work environment. Respecting and supporting each other is part of our culture, which includes rewarding hard work and giving everyone the specific tools they need to develop their skills.

Make long-term business decisions

We don’t do quick fixes here at John Good Group, as we’re committed to creating a better future for our company, our clients, our people and our planet. Sustained growth can only be achieved when we make decisions that add genuine value to customers and industry partners and create strong opportunities for our people.

The Good Life

We greatly value our people and go above and beyond to make them feel happy, confident and supported in their roles.

Always seek to improve

We’ve created a culture that encourages innovation. We ask our teams to challenge the status quo and welcome new ideas from every team member. This ensures that we’re always improving and gives employees the opportunity to help drive our business forward.

Be a responsible member of the community

By creating a sustainable and responsible business, we create long-term careers for people within the communities in which we work. This is enhanced through the Matthew Good Foundation, which offers our employees the opportunity to support local worthy causes as well as national charities. John Good Group covers the running costs of the Foundation, ensuring that large volumes of social good can be delivered each year.

  • We ensure that what we offer reflects the needs and wants of our colleagues.
  • We are a diverse bunch of people at different stages of life.
  • We are passionate about investing in our people’s growth as well as supporting their health and wellbeing.
  • We will never stop evolving our offering.
  • We like to have fun and also involve our families.
  • We offer the ability to get involved in numerous events and opportunities that you would not normally be invited to in a larger organisation.
  • We provide a generous holiday allowance that increases with length of service.
  • You get your birthday as a day off to spend as you please, simple as that.
  • We offer flexible working arrangements to help you establish a healthy work-life balance.