Path 2 Carbon Neutrality

What is carbon neutrality?

Carbon neutrality is the state of having zero net carbon emissions. This means that the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels is balanced by the amount of CO2 removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis and other natural processes.

Our planet-first approach

We are not perfect, but we are actioning impactful strategies.

We are researching and implementing several methods to become carbon neutral. The most common way to achieve this is by reducing energy consumption and switching to low-carbon or renewable energy sources – we have audited our own business through an external specialist, which has given us a roadmap to enable John Good Group to deliver a carbon-neutral result.

We are also investing in renewable energy sources such as solar panels in our offices and using building materials that are kind to the environment, including LED lighting, 100% regenerated carpet tiles, and recycled engineered timber.

A planet-first business

We have unlimited respect for the planet, all the way from small communities to the global environment.

Our partners play a core role too

There is a key part of our overall strategy – to invest in businesses that have the same values and passion for protecting the planet by implementing sustainability strategies. We are proud to be executing our roadmap to becoming carbon-neutral, which encompasses a group of planet-first businesses that are working together to drive sustainable growth.