Planet First

The future is sustainable

John Good Group places enormous importance on its environmental impact. We strive to have a positive effect on the planet and society with each and every decision we make. This dedication begins with our aim of reaching carbon neutrality.

Cutting and balancing emissions

Carbon neutrality refers to creating a system of day-to-day operations that balances the emission of carbon dioxide with its removal. To this end, we have developed an ongoing training and development programme for best practices, which is closely followed by all employees.

How we’re cutting back carbon

Many businesses make small steps to becoming environmentally friendly but lack the resources or knowledge to take it any further. John Good Group understands that carbon neutrality is a lofty goal, but we are fully dedicated to reaching it. Our team are always working on new ways to improve efficiency and reduce wastage to shrink our company’s carbon footprint. With this commitment to sustainability, John Good Group is sure to have a positive effect on the environment for years to come.

Empowering a sustainable future, united with companies, partners and associations, towards a carbon-neutral planet

We partner with planet-first businesses

We work with companies in a range of sectors. Some are relatively new and others have been around for multiple generations; a number of them are on our doorstep and many more are based all around the UK. Aside from wanting to grow and succeed, all of these businesses have a common ground in that their environmental standards and goals are aligned with our own.

Focusing on land & water

When we engage with a business, we begin by breaking down its environmental initiatives into two categories: land and water. Land initiatives include programmes that improve habitats for plant and animal life, while water initiatives focus on preserving and protecting aquatic ecosystems. This combination of objectives ensures that we put equal focus on creating sustainable systems for the entirety of the planet’s surface.

A planet-first business

We have unlimited respect for the planet, all the way from small communities to the global environment.