Grants for Good

Launched in 2021, Grants for Good is a dedicated fund (£60,000 per annum) that invites charities, community interest companies and social entrepreneurs to apply for funding. The fund also makes it very easy for John Good Group employees to donate any amount they wish to smaller charities, enabling them to make a valuable contribution to worthy causes around the UK.

Who benefits?

We receive thousands of applications from across the country, ranging from brand new social initiatives to established charities that require a boost for a project on ongoing service delivery. The missions of the charities that apply for a grant vary enormously, from helping families, communities and the homeless, to projects focused on social inclusion, the environment and the arts. Edit

How much is donated?

Working with our colleagues, John Good Group donates £15,000 to five chosen charities every quarter – that’s a whopping £60,000 a year! This provides small charities with the opportunity to be amplified whilst creating a vehicle for our employees to select the charity of their choice through a dedicated internal voting system.

Making a genuine difference

Grants for Good gives real meaning to our social impact strategy, as it can mean the difference between a small charity surviving and thriving. Our colleagues love being involved and it’s an amazing opportunity to transform communities around the UK for the better.

Our Latest Quarterly Donations


Awarded £5,000

The BillyChip is an alternative to cash that allows the public to give direct donations to rough sleepers and homeless people without the fear of their donation being misused for drugs or alcohol. They can be redeemed in coffee shops and takeaways for the minimum of a hot or cold drink of their choice, many outlets offer more. The BillyChip is the legacy of its inventor, Billy Abernethy-Hope, a twenty-year-old ambulance driver from Bristol who tragically died before he could see his idea become a reality.

Taking Baby Steps

Awarded £3,500

Taking Baby Steps is a brand-new Community Interest Company (CIC), formed by experienced health specialists Sue and Jane to provide support to families who experience miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death and/or birth trauma with talking therapy sessions. They set up their organisation to make this much-needed and helpful therapy available to more people, as soon as they need it, having witnessed a gap in the local services available and long NHS waiting lists.

Team 1C

Awarded £2,500

Team 1C started off as a group of parents/carers of children with CHD (congenital heart defects) gathering on Ward 1C at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. Recognising how much help was needed to support children and their families both at home and abroad, they have spent the last 5 years fundraising for some amazing initiatives, including funding surgery for more than 200 children living in countries with no access to free healthcare, supporting local hospital wards in the Northwest of England, and volunteering at Ronald McDonald House. Now they have set up as a charity so they can provide even more vital support to families that need it.


Awarded £2,000

YourStance are working to prevent deaths and life-changing injuries in young people who are at risk of being a victim of violence, by teaching them lifesaving “zero-responder” skills. Through a large team of volunteer medical professionals, they educate young people to enable them to respond with first aid before medical help arrives, with a focus on CPR and controlling bleeding. It is also delivered in the knowledge that being aware of the real-life consequences can empower young people to make informed decisions, and prevent the injury happening at all.


Awarded £2,000

Set up by young people, for young people, Youngwilders is a non-profit organisation focused on accelerating the rewilding of the UK and educating and energising a new generation of environmentalists. They bring together young people and landowners to facilitate youth-led nature recovery projects at small sites (under 100 acres). With their first projects well underway, they have their eyes set on expanding, rewilding more sites and engaging more young people around the UK.