Ben Williams

Rich Quelch

The company supports the employees well and it is a good team atmosphere.

As a dedicated IT professional with a passion for supporting and empowering users in their daily tasks, Ben’s role includes resolving issues and driving projects to enhance user productivity. His inherent curiosity and eagerness to acquire new skills had drawn Ben to the sector and the prospect of continuous learning and personal growth in the ever-evolving field of IT acted as a driving force in his decision to pursue this career path.

Knowing that his efforts contribute to the smooth execution of tasks and enable individuals to excel in their roles keeps Ben motivated, he is inspired to continually push forward and deliver exceptional support and aims to continue actively embracing innovation and seeking opportunities for improvement to create a lasting impact for the group and contribute to its continued success.

With a firm belief in the power of teamwork, Ben finds fulfilment in being part of the John Good Group. The company’s culture of collaboration and mutual support resonates with him, as he values the opportunity to work alongside a team of individuals who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Fun Fact: Ben recently learnt how to whistle with his fingers.