Chloe Lawson

Rich Quelch

The opportunity to get involved and contribute to our exciting fast-forward plans and making a real difference and impact to our employees and community.

As a recent undergraduate in Business and HR Management at Sheffield Hallam University, Chloe brings a wealth of theoretical knowledge and understanding which she is ready to implement whilst further developing her practical experience in HR as part of our People team.

Within her role, Chloe actively contributes to the various aspects of the People function throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Chloe’s responsibilities encompass recruitment, onboarding, and well-being initiatives, all aimed at fostering a positive and fulfilling employee experience.

Determined to gain practical experience in HR, Chloe actively pursued roles alongside her degree and through these experiences, her passion for all facets of the HR function intensified as she witnessed first-hand the significant value that HR brings to an organisation.

A key motivation for Chloe is the pursuit of learning and development, and at John Good Group, the advocacy for the importance of continuous learning and the provision of growth opportunities further inspires Chloe to push forward and excel, both in her current role and as a People professional.

Fun Fact: At three years old, Chloe learnt how to count to ten in Japanese and she has never forgotten it.