Debbie Murgett

Rich Quelch

Being part of such an established organisation, a sixth-generation family business that values people, supports charities and has a passionate leadership was what attracted me to the JGG.

With her extensive experience and expertise, Debbie manages the day-to-day operations of the Group’s People function while supporting the Chief People Officer in implementing the people plan.

Having specialised in Human Resources early on in her professional journey, Debbie discovered that it was the perfect career path for her. The opportunity to support and empower individuals, coupled with her commitment to doing what is right, made her feel that she had found her true calling.

Debbie finds her motivation in her passion for making a difference and through witnessing individuals succeed, grow in confidence, and achieve their personal and professional goals. She continuously strives to create a positive and impactful work environment, making a difference in the lives of employees, and continuously improve and provide a valued people service that will contribute to the overall success of the John Good Group.

Being part of the John Good Group and its focus on People, Planet, and Performance resonates deeply with Debbie’s values and how the sixth-generation family business places a high value on its people, considering them its greatest asset and their commitment to supporting charities and communities through its foundation, aligning with Debbie’s belief in making a positive impact on society.

Fun Fact: When she joined the company, she discovered that her father, who had held various Transport and Logistic manager roles in Hull during the 1970s and 1980s, held the John Good Group in high esteem. Her father even reminisced about the old offices, locations, and the railway warehouse currently used by TEPS. He even confessed to having sneaked into the warehouse to look at the trains, only to be politely thrown out!