Kevin Harrison

MANAGING DIRECTOR - Good Travel Management
Rich Quelch

Good Travel Management is a rewarding place to be.

Responsible for overseeing the strategic direction, governance, and development of the travel business, Kevin is drawn to the industry’s ability to connect people from all over the world while simultaneously supporting “brand UK” as a vital component of the International Trade supply chain and facilitating connectivity to help businesses trade globally.

Dedicated to the business travel sector throughout his career, Kevin also holds a position as a board director of the Business Travel Association. This role provides him with a unique opportunity to contribute to the industry on a broader scale, shaping the future of business travel.

Being a part of the John Good Group holds great meaning for Kevin and his motivation stems from the collective pursuit of the group to excellence in all aspects of their work, with a particular emphasis on caring for people and a focus on philanthropy. As a trustee of the Matthew Good Foundation, Kevin finds inspiration in being associated with a business that genuinely takes its responsibilities seriously and actively contributes to the communities it operates within.

Fun Fact: Kevin climbed Mount Kilimanjaro but came down at speed in not the best of health! One of the best but worst experiences in his life!