Rich Quelch

Chief Marketing Officer
Rich Quelch

Position marketing at the forefront of the commercial end of our group of companies.

Known for his passion and results-driven, innovative approach, Rich brings a unique mix of strategic, creative, operational, and technical abilities to the John Good Group and its operational companies, driving their commercial growth.

With the ability to understand and manage the integration of marketing and sales teams, he delivers seamless and optimised omnichannel marketing strategies that maximise budget return, both driving growth and revenues.

Rich has developed several businesses in varying industries, enabling him to inspire employees, educate customers, create a compelling brand experience while creating and executing effective global marketing strategies that have been instrumental to their success.

Fun Fact: Rich raised over £3,000 for Children in Need by doing keepie uppie’s in St. Stephens Shopping Centre for the fun day. At one stage, he kept the football from touching the floor for 2 hours and 45 minutes.