The John Good Group

We are defined by our people

Here at John Good Group, we are immensely proud of the teams we have grown and developed over the years. From our Senior Leadership and Central Services teams to everyone in our offices and out in the wider world, we all share a passion for helping businesses and organisations to grow in a sustainable way.

The John Good Group way

Every member of our team is driven by passion, expertise, collaboration, the exchange of knowledge, and a vision for a brighter, greener future. When you engage with us in any way, you gain access to a myriad of expertise and a can-do attitude focused on creating positive, lasting change.

We’re one big family

John Good Group consists of a range of companies, which means a range of personalities that work together to achieve continuous success. We are a family-led business and these traditional values are evident across the board, with team members helping one another and supporting each other’s projects. This collaborative culture enables amazing things, as our clients and partners benefit from the shared skills and ideas of over a hundred passionate employees.

We make Good things happen

Our team genuinely cares about results not just for our Group but also our partners, clients and communities, which makes working with us an exciting and inspiring experience. Between our employees there isn’t a single skill missing from our offering, and everything we work on is focused on people, performance and the planet.

Together we can do anything, so let’s do this together!