Venture Fund

What is the John Good Group Venture Fund?

The John Good Venture Fund is dedicated to smaller investments that we believe will have a large positive impact. To achieve this, we provide seed funding to new start-ups and accelerator funding to ambitious businesses looking to scale up their operations, making the Venture Fund a genuine changemaker for a variety of sectors.

Creating a better world together

We’re always on the lookout for potential partners who we think can make a positive impact nationally or even globally. It could be in any sector and focus on any type of innovation, but what we’re particularly interested in are projects that aim to advance technology, explore renewable energy, benefit communities, and leave the planet in a better state than how we found it. This is an opportunity to receive funding that will turn clever ideas into ground-breaking reality.

Our Venture Fund Investments

Our very first Venture Fund investment.

Rightcharge was founded by Charlie Cook. A few years back, as the UK’s electric vehicle market began to grow, he worked with a small team to deliver exciting technology to new drivers. Including the first-ever energy tariffs tailored to the electric car owner. But something began to bug him. Where was the simple joined-up journey for anyone looking to switch to an electric vehicle?

That’s when Rightcharge was born.

Do you share our vision?

Our team continually researches markets to identify start-ups and small companies that align with the ethos of the John Good Group and its Venture Fund. However, we can’t find every single one of them by ourselves, which is why we encourage innovators and creative minds to get in touch to see if we can work together.

Providing you share our values, have a clear vision, and respect people and the planet, we could very well end up working together to bring pioneering technology and cutting-edge solutions to your target audience sooner than you expected.