Warehousing & Logistics

Dedicated to supply chain management, storage and haulage, our Warehousing & Logistics sector supports a range of businesses around the UK. Comprehensive knowledge of Lean Management programmes enables the team to improve the efficiencies of our client’s supply chains through multiple solutions. From developing effective Just In Time systems to running accredited warehousing facilities, backed by our fleet of long-haul vehicles, we also deploy systems designed to significantly boost productivity and increase output.

At John Good Group, we’re actively seeking to invest in businesses that align with our vision to expand our Warehousing and Logisitic Division. By sharing our expertise and resources, we can drive mutual growth and success.

Key Facts

  • 160, 000 Sq Ft of dedicated warehouse space
  • Euro 6 fleet of trucks
  • Situated near the M62 and Hull Docks, offering strategic positioning
  • Supply chain specialists
  • Container Management Experts

If you are looking to exit your business or seek investment, we would be glad to hear from you.

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