Wealth Wellbeing

Looking after the pennies

As well as supporting our team members’ health, we also support your wealth. This is achieved through a range of schemes and resources that will help you to look after your money and make it work harder towards your short-term plans and long-term retirement goals.

Life assurance for peace of mind

Death is never a nice topic to discuss but it’s crucial that you have a plan in place that will support your loved ones when the time comes. To help you do this, we provide life assurance to our colleagues, which will pay out a tax-free sum to whoever you choose when you pass away.

Wealth management advice

Financial wellbeing is very important and we are continuously reviewing our offerings and benefits to ensure that they fit every possible situation. If you have any questions or worries concerning wealth management, simply speak to your line manager and they’ll provide you with support, advice, or signposting to a trusted professional.

Let’s build up your nest egg

It’s amazing how much a pension can build up over time, especially when your employer is helping you to grow it. We’re proud to offer a contributory pension scheme to our employees – each time you invest in your pension, we’ll match it up to 8%.