Why John Good Group

It’s all about you

It’s often said that people are a company’s greatest asset, and here at John Good Group we take this to a whole new level. We invest in our people on an ongoing basis, ensuring that they have everything they need to enter a rewarding career and develop their skills to become the best of the best in their fields.

We’d be nothing without our people

Our passionate and dedicated team members are what set John Good Group apart from the competition. Together they make the Group and its Operating Companies a fantastic place to work, ensure exceptional services are delivered to our clients across multiple industries, and support the planet and its many communities in the process through wide-ranging charitable activity.

We don’t believe in pigeonholing

By working at John Good Group, an individual has the ability to explore not only a variety of departments and what they deliver, but also a range of industries that we operate in. This has led to many team members starting out in one line of work and developing their skills to pursue a very different career, all while remaining within the Group. As a result, we don’t just attract the very best people, we also provide valuable schemes to help them grow and explore exciting new paths.

Inclusivity through and through

John Good Group believes in inclusivity on every level. As well as offering equal opportunities to all, we also include all team members in important plans and decisions that take the Group forward and keep it relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. This means that every employee is given a platform to have their voice heard, offer ideas and suggestions, and make a solid contribution to the future of our companies.

Rooted in heritage, focused on the future

John Good Group goes all the way back to the Victorian era, yet we remain as cutting-edge and innovative as ever. This is all thanks to a company culture that embraces positive change and never shies away from making difficult decisions that will benefit everyone involved, from team members and stakeholders to customers and the environment. In short, our philosophy is that every day is an opportunity to celebrate the past and create bold new plans for the future.