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We believe that work experience is extremely important, as it helps young people to explore the world of work and decide what they want to do for a living when they leave full-time education. That’s why we provide a work experience programme that defies the norm and allows young people to get a genuine feel for what working at John Good Group involves.

A Week of Work Experience with Good Travel Management

Passionate about all things travel, Liam has joined Good Travel Management to gain work experience in the industry by immersing himself in the day-to-day operations of the business.

As a child, he was always the go-to person for identifying the model of a plane flying overhead or the operator of the next city-bound train. This early fascination has now propelled him into the travel industry, where he’s eager to learn more about the sector.

Liam has written this blog to share his journey, offering a unique, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of travel management.


My first day at Good Travel Management just wrapped up and I must say, it was quite insightful. I’ve always been fascinated by planes, trains, and travel in general, so it was interesting to see another aspect of the industry. Today was all about getting to grips with the systems – how to book travel and figuring out different flights to match customer preferences. It’s a lot to take in, but I’m eager to learn more.


Today was all about business support. I got a first-hand experience of the nitty-gritty involved in managing travel. From filling out detailed pricing and customer information to booking a train ticket and airport car park, there was plenty to do. I learned that even the smallest details matter a lot in this business. It’s a lot more than just picking flights and hotels.


Day three and I’m back in operations. Today was about understanding how to work within customer budgets – booking flights and hotels that fit within their constraints. It’s all about maintaining a balance between customer satisfaction and sticking to the budget. A good part of my day was also spent on emails – answering queries and sending out quotes for different hotels or train rides.


Another day in operations. Continued with the tasks from yesterday – writing and sending emails, booking hotel and train tickets. I also had the opportunity to modify a train ticket for a customer, which involved going into the system, changing the dates, and informing the customer about the changes. I also booked a transfer for a customer, which was a learning experience. It’s not just about getting the customer from point A to point B, but also understanding their unique needs and accommodating them.


Today I joined the marketing department and even had the chance to write this very blog! I also attended a meeting with the marketing team and Fraser from the sales department about an upcoming exhibition. It’s incredible to see how all these different departments come together to make things work. I ended the day with a learning session about paid advertising with the CMO, Rich. It’s one thing to see ads on your screen, and another to understand the strategy and effort behind them.

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