A Day in the Life of a Junior People Advisor

Rich Quelch

by | Apr 23, 2024 | People

Meet Chloe, our Junior People Advisor!

Say hello to Chloe, Junior People Advisor for John Good Group.  

Chloe has many different responsibilities as a generalist, from recruitment and onboarding to learning and development. She provides first-line advice and support to managers and employees, owns various People projects, and manages other key responsibilities such as low-level ER cases, managing the wellbeing offerings and helping to implement the new HR system.  

Let’s have a look into a day in the life of a Junior People Advisor… 

9:00 AM – Let’s Begin  

I begin my day by checking emails and messages, whether to me personally or through our shared People inbox. I also check what my day is looking like meeting-wise so I can prep my to-do list and try to plan my day! This helps me create a bit of structure to my day and allows time for anything ad hoc or changes that come through and allows me to settle into my workday. 

9:30 AM – Team Catch Up  

We’ll have a quick team catch up to discuss priorities for the week, give an update on any exciting People projects we’re working on, and challenges we might be facing in the week that we can prepare to manage. As we have so many different things going on, this helps keep all the team in the loop! 
10:30 AM – Interview Time  

First interview of the day! We’re currently recruiting for a new role and have a couple of interviews lined up today, so the hiring manager and I meet with the first candidate of the day. 
12:00 PM – Lunch  

If I hadn’t already been snacking in the morning, now is about time I tend to grab some lunch and some fresh air and have a little stroll around our beautiful surroundings at Hesslewood Office Park. 
12:30 PM – Email Check  

I have a midday email check and respond to any messages I haven’t been able to get to in the morning. 
1:30 PM – Second Interview of the Day  

It’s time for another interview today with the hiring manager.  
3:00 PM – Educating Myself  

Being in the People team it’s important that we’re always up to scratch on developments and changes in HR and employment law, so I’m about to jump on a 60-minute webinar around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (with a nice cuppa!) 
4:00 PM – Meeting Time  

The webinar has finished and it’s time to have a quick catch up with Marketing team regarding an exciting project I am working on that requires some of their input. We can’t tell you what it is yet… 
4:30 PM – Admin of the Day  

With the final half an hour of my day, I catch up with some admin such as sending out a contract change letter, answer any emails that need responding to, and plan what my to-do list looks like tomorrow with what I have and haven’t been able to check off today! 
5:00 PM – Let’s Go Home  

Ready for home time and to go again tomorrow!