Positive Impact

Ongoing investment for a sustainable future

John Good Group is dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact. This is no mean feat, which is why we have built a variety of income streams that are reinvested into the business to support our wider purpose. As well as future-proofing our company and enabling growth, this business model also fuels our environmental strategy and gives us the power to nurture communities across the UK.

Fuelling the economy

As a business, we are committed to our performance and the impact we have on the local, national and international economy. We understand that our success is rooted in the dedication and hard work of our people, which is why we remain dedicated to creating a conducive environment in which they can thrive and provide multiple opportunities for professional growth. Meanwhile, our new Central Services team support the businesses within the group and develops new ways for us to achieve our collective goals.

Protecting the planet, not just profits

John Good Group is a planet-first business – we strive to continually reduce our environmental footprint and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We want to ensure that our operations are respectful of the planet, while also staying profitable. This balance has enabled us to create a business model that is both ethical and strategic, which bring exceptional results to every project we undertake.

We never lose track of performance

We are committed to our performance and remaining accountable for our actions.

Everyone at John Good Group has a duty to our stakeholders to continuously deliver the following actions:

  • RBe fresh in our thinking
  • RBe sharp on our execution
  • RImprove systems and services
  • RDrive Performance through our People and Planet initiatives