Family Charter

Six generations of shared goals

John Good Group is now in its sixth generation of being a family-run company, with Tim Good confidently at the helm of an ever-evolving group of dedicated businesses that span five exciting sectors. Tim is passionate about our vision to be a planet-first company and we believe that this adds tremendous value to all of our stakeholders.

190 years old and stronger than ever

Our company is fast approaching its bicentennial and a lot has happened along the way. With roots in the seafaring industry, which continue to be represented by our Maritime division, we are very much a company that uses its experience from the past to shape a bold and bright future.

A national company with the personal touch

Though John Good Group has continually expanded to become the large company it is today, it remains a family-run business supported by a passionate Board of Directors. This has enabled us to never let our core values fall out of sight, and we’re more committed than ever to supporting both the economy and communities through responsible and innovative strategies.

At John Good Group, we are proud to operate under the guiding principles of our Family Charter. Passed down through six generations, the business ensures continuity and It serves as the foundation of our business, shaping every decision we make and every relationship we build. Our Family Charter embodies the timeless traditions and deep-rooted values that have been instilled in us since our humble beginnings. It reflects our unwavering dedication to integrity, innovation, and the long-term success of all the businesses within the group, which will inevitably have a positive social and environmental impact as we grow and develop.

Our Family Shareholders

Our Family Shareholders are all direct descendants of The Founder, John Good.

By upholding this enduring legacy, we ensure that the John Good Group continues to be a trusted group of companies, delivering exceptional service and exceeding expectations in everything we do when it comes to People, Planet and Performance.


  • Archie Bryden
  • Emma Bryden
  • Bob Witty
  • Victoria Zinovieff
  • Jennifer Gilson
  • Samuel Stewart
  • Alexander Stewart
  • Katie Stewart
  • Cyril Arnott
  • Tim Good
  • John Good