Investment Fund

Long-term partnerships with clear visions

John Good Group is committed to creating and nurturing long-term partnerships that are designed to bring lasting results. We don’t believe in quick wins – we’re in this for the long haul and dedicate significant research and analysis into deciding which organisations will enable strong chemistry and a unified vision for the future.

Nurturing relationships

Our mission is to create strong, lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we engage with.

Sustainability is not optional

For us, sustainability isn’t a simple tick box or an afterthought, as it sits firmly at the heart of everything we set out to achieve. This means open and honest discussion about what both parties plan for now and the future. If we believe our environmental values are aligned, we can then work together to deliver a renewable impact through a forward-thinking partnership.

Autonomous funding enables strategic investment

John Good Group’s investment pot is entirely self-funded. This gives us total freedom over the number of businesses and projects we fund, how much capital is allocated to them, and the goals that are set out for each one. We believe that this also makes us more accountable for our actions, which is why our teams are committed to ensuring that each project brings the best results for everyone involved.

We invest both money and minds

Whilst a major component of John Good Group’s offering is the investment of capital, our expertise is just as valuable. Through unparalleled expertise, insight and guidance, we help businesses to not only make their funds work harder but also fine-tune their strategies so that they benefit people and the planet as well as profits. Above all, we are a compassionate and environmentally responsible knowledge centre that dictates how, where and why our money will be invested.