Diversity and inclusion

We respect and value difference and seek to create an inclusive workplace which promotes and celebrates the diversity of our employees. Each available opportunity is open to people from any background, ensuring that everyone has the chance to develop their skill set, explore new career routes, and deliver their best work.

The foundations of our company culture

John Good Group has been around for 200 years and we’ve never stopped developing our culture. This has enabled us to create a positive work environment where everyone feels safe, valued and respected. Here are the foundations of our company culture and how they benefit each and every colleague:

  • We value and encourage different ideas and views, as well as provide a platform for your voice to be heard.
  • Every team members adds to our culture – we all bring something different and unique to the mix.
  • Everyone at John Good Group encourages and supports each other – no challenge is faced alone, and every success is a shared celebration.
  • We empower our colleagues to develop personally and professionally. This is delivered through company-wide schemes and one-to-one support.
  • We care and look out for one another in every way, from workplace wellbeing initiatives to having a chat over a cuppa.
  • As a family business, the families of our employees are important to us. We’re always here to help you create a healthy work-life balance and get your loved ones involved in charitable events.
  • Above all, we’re passionate about supporting your growth and development by anticipating needs and responding to suggestions. Your job satisfaction and overall wellbeing are our top priority.