Day in the Life of a Marketing Manager | Meet Megan

Rich Quelch

by | May 10, 2024 | People

Meet Megan, our Group Marketing Manager!

Meet Megan, the Group Marketing Manager at John Good Group overseeing TEPS, Good Travel Management, Bay Shipping, Arthur Smith, and DAN Shipping. Her workdays are filled with strategic planning, market analysis, project management and campaign development.

Let’s see what a typical day in the life looks like…

6.30 AM – Up Bright and Early  

I am up early with the kids and making sure everyone has their bags packed, school uniforms are ready and discussed which breakfast cereal they have decided they don’t like that day.

8.30 AM – Time for the School Run

It’s time to do the school run before work and pray that I haven’t forgotten it’s World Book Day or they need to bring in an egg box for Design Technology.

9.05 AM – Time for Work

This is around the time I get into the office each morning. I’m lucky that John Good Group are flexible and are happy for me to come in after the school run and I can make up the time at the end of the day. At this point, I check my emails, what tasks I am working on that day and then it’s time to make a coffee.

10.30 AM – Meeting Catch Up

Every day is different in our department, but this is the point where I will usually have a meeting lined up. Whether this is with another department on a joint project, or we are having a team meeting, we’re a very collaborative team.

1:00 PM – Time for Lunch

When it’s nice weather, I will usually have a walk around the beautiful grounds that our office is set in. Unfortunately at the moment we have had classic British weather so I will spend some time replying to texts and trying to resist the temptation of the Deli when I’ve brought a lunch with me.

2:00 PM – Meetings or Project Work

If I don’t have any meetings in the diary, I will block out time to work on projects. These can vary, from tasks that I need 5 minutes to quickly work on to one’s where I will dedicate time over the space of a few weeks. It is a mixture of work that we have scheduled from our quarterly planning to ad hoc jobs.

5:00 PM – Check My Emails

I will check my emails and update tasks that our team is working on. We use a project management tool to ensure we are all kept up to date with what we are working on, the progress of that job and who is responsible for delivering it. On top of this, I will add in any requests that have come in that day from other departments and break them down by responsibility and assign time frames. I am actively trying to section time off in my day to do this rather than as and when they come in whilst I am busy working on a task.

5.35pm – Signing Off for the Day

It’s time to sign off for the day and pick up the kids. Having three children usually means that most of my evenings are taken up with standing on the side lines of the football pitch!