Living The Dream

Terms & Conditions

Dreams are about to become reality with ‘Living The Dream’, so let’s ensure we’re well aligned. Please read through the terms and conditions and if you have any questions, email the People team at

  • The vision of this initiative is providing employees the opportunity to have a life changing experience that we provide that’s paid for by the Company.
  • This initiative is inclusive to all employees of John Good Group and operating companies.
  • The initiative is not contractual, and therefore does not form part of your employment contract or remuneration, and the initiative can be stopped or changed at any time.
  • The Living the Dream initiative will run twice a year at the Summer and Christmas social events; these events are subject to change.
  • Employees must have been working within the business for a minimum of 6 months and passed their probationary period to partake in the initiative. Employee can then participate in the following draw if they have surpassed 6 months of employment and passed their probation.
  • Employees who are in a disciplinary, absence management or performance management process at the time of submission of responses are not permitted to participate in the initiative at that time.
  • Employees who are working a notice period at the time of submission of responses are not permitted to participate in the initiative. If an employee has handed in their notice after submission of response, but before the draw, they are also not permitted to be drawn for the initiative.
  • You must be employed by the business and not on notice at the time of taking the experience. If you are drawn and subsequently hand your notice in before the experience is booked or taken, you are not permitted to partake in the experience. If you hand your notice in after experience is booked and paid for, you must work with the business in expensing the costs spent.
  • If in the case you win an experience and are subsequently made redundant, you will still be permitted to partake in the experience.
  • An experience idea cannot be changed once drawn and won unless there is a medical reason that prevents you from taking and in which case, we would work with you to find a suitable alternative.
  • The budget to be spent per draw is up to £5,000. However, the Company reserves the right to amend this amount dependent on business performance.
  • If you win the draw, you are not permitted to book any aspect of the experience yourself. The entirety of the experience must be booked and paid for by the Company itself within the allocated budget. If the experience exceeds the budget, and the winner wishes to, you can financially contribute towards the price.
  • The experience cannot be traded into cash or a monetary gift.
  • ‘Experiences’ for cosmetic or aesthetic procedures are not permitted and will not be covered by the initiative.
  • The budget does not cover spending money, and money cannot be given to you if the expenses paid does not reach the set budget.
  • The budget per experience covers the experience for yourself, and others who may be involved in the experience i.e., family or partner.
  • As part of the initiative, you are given 1-day leave to use to undertake the experience, however if the experience will exceed 1 working day, you will be required to use your holiday entitlement to fulfil the experience.
  • If you win your experience, you will not be entered into the next draw for that period to make the initiative fair to all colleagues.
  • We ask that in return the winner documents their experience with photos and videos and are willing to participate in a video to describe their experience and what it meant to them for us to promote internally and externally.
  • The Company reserves the right to update, change or remove this initiative at any point.