Kerry Bain

Rich Quelch

It’s great to be part of a company with social conscience as a core value, and using our resources to champion small causes.

Kerry plays a pivotal role in the field of Innovation, where ideas from across the organisation are carefully evaluated and transformed into efficient working solutions. Much like all the best things in life, Kerry stumbled upon the chosen sector as a fortunate accident. With childhood dreams of becoming a marine biologist or journalist, the journey took an unexpected turn leading to a fulfilling career in innovation.

As part of this dynamic team, Kerry’s responsibilities encompass creating and maintaining reporting systems, as well as facilitating seamless integration between operational and financial systems throughout the business. Her motivations are to consistently drive to learn and enhance her skills, subsequently implementing them to streamline processes and improve the experiences of colleagues around the operational companies and strives to contribute to the achievement of organisational goals.

Being a part of this group holds great significance for Kerry, as its company culture and commitment to giving back to the community through the Matthew Good Foundation aligns with her personal values and creates a sense of purpose in contributing to the company’s success.

Fun Fact: Kerry can count to ten in twenty different languages!