Megan Nicklas

Rich Quelch

I joined John Good Group because of the opportunity to be part of a growing company that invests in its people and gives back to the community.

Whilst studying for her degree in Supply Chain Management, Megan started working within Marketing and discovered her passion for the sector. Within her role overseeing the marketing activities and expanding the digital presence of the group’s operating companies, Megan combines her skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm for both disciplines.

With a deep sense of pride in the group’s remarkable legacy, Megan is particularly drawn to the exciting plans for the group’s future and looks forward to witnessing the direct impact of the marketing strategies on the business’s success through sales growth and brand recognition.

Her plans and aspirations revolve around aiming to foster closer collaboration with various departments to ensure that marketing efforts are impactful and aligned with overall business objectives. Additionally, she prioritises the continuous growth of the marketing department, creating an environment that encourages creativity and empowers team members to develop their skills and explore new areas of interest and looks forward the collective achievements and collaboration of the team.

Fun Fact: Outside of work, Megan loves baking and what started as a hobby, led to her once owning a donut shop!