Paul Fordon

Rich Quelch

We are 3rd generation family business within a family business.

With a deep-rooted connection and possessing a genuine passion for the industry and the business, Paul pursued his career at TEPS, which was founded by his father, Geoff Fordon. This passion serves as the driving force behind his dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Paul plays a crucial role in overseeing all aspects of the business, including attracting new business, and making sure existing customers are looked after, whilst ensuring its smooth operation, growth, and future development. Within his role, Paul is kept motivated by the collective motivation shared among the team at TEPS. They inspire and challenge each other to achieve the best results every day.

Being a part of the John Good Group holds immense value for Paul. It grants him the freedom to run the business while enjoying the ultimate support of the group when needed. This combination of autonomy and support creates an ideal environment for success and growth.

Fun Fact: During the week Paul was born, his father Geoff was occupied with establishing the current site of TEPS.